Auto journalists spy the upcoming Jeep Scrambler pickup


Jeep is known for its brand loyalty, so there is a good chance that if you're reading this post and are older than 35 that you remember the Jeep Comanche. For those whose memory doesn't go back that far, the Comanche was a Jeep brand pickup that was built from 1985-1992, and people weren't exactly happy that it was discontinued.

The good thing is that the Jeep is reviving this pickup and the newest version was just spied in full-plastic coverings. The wheels were cover-free and the same as what you can find on the redesigned 2018 Jeep Wrangler, which is a sign that the model is probably close to its production version!

The upcoming model won't be using the Comanche name. It'll instead be called the Jeep Scrambler. It's been teased for a few years, but Spring of 2019 is when the model is expected to go into production. A lot of the interior and exterior will be based off the current Wrangler, with, of course, the addition of a truck bed. Above are renderings of what the model could look like.

Journalists who caught a few models out and about noted that there seemed to be two different styles, suggesting that one will be built for the average commuter and the other for the off-roader who wants to get those wheels dusty and dirty.

At our dealership, Ram is the brand known for trucks, but the Scrambler will be an excellent addition and the two won't tread on each other. For starters, the two will be aimed at a completely different type of buyer and have a very different look. The Ram's will still be for people who need to tow and haul, whereas the Scrambler will be built for the adventurous driver who's heading off-road or commuters who love the military-esque look.

As more information and specs start trickling out about the Jeep Scrambler, we'll make sure to keep you up to date on the blog.

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